Flying and Shooting Are Only Half of the Job

It's no accident our photos look better than most aerial photographs you'll see. Here's our ace in the hole...we're also Photoshop experts. We do a surprising amount of digital editing on every photograph we shoot. Haze removal, color correction, sharpening, horizon adjustment and cropping are the very least we'll do to make your property look it's absolute best.

We've also been known to remove power lines, repair parking lots, and improve landscaping. If you like, we can label nearby streets, landmarks and property lines, which can make your photo much more useful when you show it to a client. So there you have it. Flying and shooting really are only half the job. But it's the other half that really makes the difference between an amateur snapshot and a vibrant, professional, magazine quality photo. We appreciate the difference, and we think you will, too.

It's a Great View Up There!

We love delivering our aerial photos, as most clients get quite enthusiastic. We tend to hear the word "WOW" a lot. Come to think of it, we catch ourselves using that word a lot, too. Hey, it's a great view up there!

Some Things Are Just Too Big to Photograph

...from the ground, anyway. We shot some new construction projects for a busy contractor in Murfreesboro, and they all had one thing in common...they were BIG. The contractor said "we can't seem to get a good photo of these projects from the ground. Can you help us out?" Absolutely!

Nothing shows the big picture like a photo from above. You'll see the complete project, from a dramatic perspective that you just can't get from ground level.